Awning Fabrics

Awning Fabrics


Tepastex awning fabrics are waterproof and sunproof. It can be used in different areas with its features that do not increase fire against possible fire possibilities. It is used in tents, vehicle protectors, organization solutions and Tepastex produces quality products with different types and designs.

Tepastex company provides quality service to its customers with its experience and experience in awning fabrics and other fabrics. Tepastex, who knows what its customers want and takes part in quality projects with its production and sales staff, maintains its recognition with its corporate work.

I prefer Tepastex, which has a large share in the market with its fabric quality levels, special designs, product color and pattern variety and its expert staff in the field. It is possible to choose patterned or non-patterned designs among the awning fabric model options.

It provides products for needs with its wide selection of color charts. The company has been preparing fabric production for many years with its own production staff. Tepastex, one of the leading companies in its sector, is prepared with waterproof awning fabrics without sacrificing quality.

With the technology used in the production lines, product quality and customer satisfaction are provided at a high level. For the desired products, project work and measurement and on-site detection services are provided.

It offers the opportunity to request a detailed offer for the sizes and fabric types determined in line with the plan for the products you request. Awning fabrics, which are especially suitable for outdoor use, are resistant to weather conditions in summer and winter. In this way, it has the feature of completely cutting the sun.