Instantaneous payment with a bailiff – loans with a bailiff attachment

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Express loans are not only used by those who have had to finance unforeseen expenses. People with serious financial problems are increasingly interested in the offer of non-bank loans. Although it is not easy to get a loan from a person charged with a bailiff, this does not mean that it is not possible.

When the debts overwhelmed you

When the debts overwhelmed you

At the time of non-payment of obligations incurred, loan companies first proceed to the so-called soft debt collection. However, when phone and letter reminders do not work, the case is often referred to a debt collection company. This one buys your debts, and then – of course after adding additional commissions – tries to establish with the debtor a convenient form of repayment of arrears. Debt collection companies want to recover the money they owe (that’s what they earn from), which is why they often propose to split the repayment into installments convenient for the debtor.

Not just outstanding loans


It should be remembered that debts can arise not only as a result of unpaid loans or credits. Debt collection proceedings may also apply to unpaid installments for the purchase of equipment or arrears for utilities (telephone and television subscriptions, electricity charges). The debt pool may also be increased by outstanding credentials or many other outstanding commitments.

When debt collection is ineffective …

When debt collection is ineffective ...

Unfortunately, in the case of large debts, very often – despite the good intentions of the debt collection company – the debtor is not willing to cooperate and repay their liabilities. When recovery becomes helpless, the only solution is to go to court. After the verdict, debt enforcement is taken over by the bailiff. Then it is not possible to avoid repayment, because bailiff seizure covers almost all the receipts that appear on the debtor’s bank account.

A loan without GFI and GFI?


Having debts – regardless of whether they are enforced by a debt collection company or by a bailiff – results in entering the debtor into GFI and GL. In addition, information on arrears will also be included in GFI, which collects information about the credit history of customers. However, a negative credit history does not always exclude the chance of getting extra cash. It all depends on the procedures in force in a particular loan company. Some companies do not verify the data contained in the above registers.

In this case, however, you have to take into account a limited loan pool and high liability costs. Other lenders who check the client’s credit history approach each loan very individually. If your debts are small and the applicant is able to document a stable source of income in the amount that allows you to pay back the payday loan, then the probability of granting the loan is high. It also depends on what stage the debt collection process is from. Getting a loan will be much easier when the debt is handled by a debt collection company rather than a bailiff.

Short-term pay with a bailiff


Of course, in the case of bailiff seizure, proving your creditworthiness is much more difficult. And although some companies are able to borrow money from the debtor, the procedure for obtaining a loan is much more complicated. When using this kind of payday pay attention should also be paid to costs. The lender, who bears a very high risk when granting a loan to a person in debt, wants to compensate it in the form of increased profits.

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